Sexual Positions can help you achieve a healthy sex life. Sex therapy counselors use new sex position techniques to aid relationships.

Sexual Positions

Sexual position experimentation should be one of the most exciting aspects of sex for a couple. Sexual positions are merely different types of dances that help couples add excitement and variety to their sex lives. Some sexual positions have a specific purpose, (e.g. trying to get pregnant or achieving orgasm). While other sexual positions, like rear-entry or female superior, might be explored simply to add variety to a bedroom ritual. And some sexual positions found in guides like the kama sutra, tao, tantric sex, the Perfumed Garden and Ananga Ranga can supply a couple with a more spiritual level of sex.

Yet, many are afraid to try new and different sexual positions because they’re either unsure of their own ability or not clear of the techniques involved. Some may be unsure of how their partner will react to a certain sexual position or become embarrassed if they cannot perfect a different sexual position on the first try. So, the first step to enjoying new and exciting sexual positions is communicating. Discuss what sexual positions you and your partner like and are willing to try.

It’s important to remember that a sexual position should make sex feel good. It should bring a couple closer in their relationship while helping them enjoy each other. Besides having fun, engaging in new sexual positions should help develop trust, and through practice, help you and your partner learn something about each other.

Whether your heterosexual, gay, lesbian, just beginning, experienced, or daring, or into group sex, you’ll be able to explore and learn about a wide variety of sexual positions along with tips, techniques and other guidelines to help you achieve the most enriching sexual experience possible. Explore and enjoy!

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