Anal sex positions include doggy style and deep penetration. Doggie style sex positions are great for rear entry.

Anal Sex Positions

The best anal sexual positions for anal sex will depend on the couple’ experience with anal sex. The rear entry or doggie style position is probably most associated with anal sex, but other anal sex positions exist for both beginning and advanced couples.

Rear Entry or Doggie Style Anal Sex Position – One partner gets on their hands and knees, as the other partner positions his penis behind the first partner, and then inserts his penis into the anus. The kneeling partner can adjust thrusting by moving forward and back. Rear entry allows for the deepest penetration but this anal sex position may not be the best choice for beginners.

Flying Doggie or Leap Frog Anal Sex Position – One partner stands behind the receiver and places their feet outside the legs of the receiver. The back partner will be higher and will penetrate the anus in a downward fashion. During this anal sex position the receiver keeps their legs closer together to loosens the anus.

Anal Drop - The giver, the one penetrating, lies on their back and the receiver sits on top of the giver’s penis. For this anal sex position, the receiver controls the motion, but being on top causes the receiver’s anus to involuntarily tighten. So it’s best to take this anal sex position slowly, since a quick a drop can be very painful. The bottom partner should resist the urge to thrust upward.

Double Penetration – This anal sex position is more for women as the receiver because of the highly sensitive shared sexual nerve endings between the anus and vagina. It either requires two givers or the use of a vibrator or dildo. One partner should first insert his penis or toy into the vagina. Then the anus should be penetrated. Couples can also explore more double penetration sexual positions.

Spoon Anal Sex Positions - Each partner lies on their side, one behind the other. The front partner opens their legs allowing the back partner easier access. This anal sex position prevents the penetrating partner from going too fast and allows for complete control over penetration. It also brings the partners closer together, which makes it easier to judge their reactions.

Wheel Barrel – One partner assume the rear entry position. The giver approaches the receiver from behind and lifts the receiver's legs into the air holding them on either side as though lifting a wheel barrel. The receiver uses their arms for support. This anal sex position allows for deep penetration.

Variation of the missionary position – One partner lays on their back while the penetrating partner approaches from on top. The penetrating partner lifts up the calves or shins of the receiver, exposing the anus. This is a very intimate anal sex position because both partners face each other. The top partner can masturbate the other as well.

Lithotomy position - This anal sex position is very similar to the variation on the missionay position. One partner lies on their back with knees bent and elevated above the hips and their thighs are spread apart. The position’s origin and name comes from the surgical removal of a bladderstone, known as lithotomy in which patients had to lie on their back with their knees up for the surgeon to perfrom the procedure.

Full Front – One partner lies on their back pulling their knees as close to the chest as possible. The other partner pushes down. A pillow can be inserted under the pelvis of the partner lying down. The giver can also push the receiver’s feet up over the head during this anal sex position.

Standing - Both partners stand facing the same direction. The woman bends over at the waist. This anal sex position can be accomplished from a kneeling position at the edge of a bed and is convenient for outdoor use. This anal sex position allows easy penetration and full movement.

Flat on stomach – One partner lies on their stomach and the other partner lies on top. Penetration in this anal sex position is not easily accomplished and thrusting is difficult.

Kama Sutra Anal Sex Position – The giver, the one penetrating, lies on their back. The receiver sits on the penis while facing the feet of the giver. The receiver should lean toward the feet, which maximizes anal pleasure and delays the giver’s orgasm.

Postillioning - This anal sex position involves the fingers instead of a penis or dildo. Slowly insert one or two fingers into the anus and massage the rectum. Anal fisting occurs when the entire hand fits in the anus.

Analingus – Also known as rimming, one partner kisses, licks or sucks the anus.

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