Anal Sex Tips

Beginning couples can use these anal sex tips to help them ease into anal sex.

· Start anal sex with a small love plug or start anal sex with a partner's finger.

· Never try something on your partner that you’d be unwilling to try.

· Use retrievable toys or objects during anal sex.

· Be clean and stay clean. Before anal sex wash all tools with antibacterial soap and hot water, or soak them in full strength hydrogen peroxide for 15 minutes.

· Always use smooth objects during anal sex. Using sharp or jagged objects during anal sex may puncture the anal canal, which can be painful and lead to infection and other complications.

· Use flexible objects during anal sex to maneuver through the curves in the rectum.

· Don’t wear jewelry and cut fingernails.

· Remember, couples don’t become experts overnight. So, communicate and take the time with your partner to enjoy the experience.

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