Sexual Positions Books

There are hundreds of books for couples interested in the wide array of sexual positions that exist. Here is a just a sample of what couples can find:

Kama Sutra of Sexual Positions: The Tantric Art of Love

Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving.

Kama Sutra of Sexual Positions by Kenneth Ray, Ph.D. Stubbs

The Art of Sexual Ecstasy: The Path of Sacred Sexuality for Western Lovers.

101 Nights of Grrreat Sex: Secret Sealed Seductions for Fun-Loving Couples

Hot Monogamy: Essential Steps to More Passionate, Intimate Lovemaking.

Becoming Orgasmic: A Sexual Growth Program for Women.

The New Joy of Sex: A Gourmet Guide to Lovemaking in the Nineties (The Joy of Sex Series).

Sexual Positions (The Joy of Sex Series)

The Guide to Getting It On! (The Universe's Coolest and Most Informative Book About Sex).

Sex Positions

Best Sex You'll Ever Have

Position of the Day

Quickie Sex: Over 100 Truly Explosive Tips by Lisa Sussman

The Illustrated Guide to Extended Massive Orgasm by Steve Bodansky, Vera Bodansky

The Hot Guide to Safer Sex by Yvonne K. Fulbright

How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure by Lou Paget

Becoming Orgasmic by Julia Heiman, et al

Woman's Orgasm by Georgia Kline-Graber, Benjamin Graber

How to Have an Orgasm...As Often As You Want by Rachel Swift

The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex: The Most Complete Sex Manual Ever Written

Lesbian Sex

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