Sexual Positions for Advanced and Creative Couples

Creative and daring couples may want to venture into more adventuresome sexual positions. Some of these sexual positions make the angle of penetration difficult, so they make take several practice runs. These sexual positions require lots of patience and communication and the ability to laugh with each other if things don’t work out.

· Reverse Cowgirl – The man lies on his back. The woman faces away from him and straddles him aligning her groin over his. This sexual position provides deep penetration and gives the woman full control. The penis is bent downwards, so be careful not to damage it if it slips out during intercourse.

· Horizontal Reverse – The man lies on his back. The woman faces away from him and straddles him aligning her groin over his. Then the woman faces down away from her partner and lowers her torso during this sexual position.

· Rocking Chair, also known as the rocking recliner – The man lies on his back. The woman gets on all fours and faces upwards so that her back is to him and then she rocks back and forth.

· Sitting on the Toilet - The man lies on his back with his knees bent forming the shape of a toilet. She sits on his penis and moves up and down.

· Cross – For this sexual position, the woman lies on her back. The man lies on top of the woman but in a perpendicular position.

· Head to toe – The man lies on his back and spreads his legs. The woman lies on her back on top of the man so that her feet are near her partner’s head and spreads her legs.

· K – The man and woman both lie on their backs with their heads pointed away from one another. They each places one leg on the other's shoulder for bracing. They place the other leg out to the sid so this sexual position forms a capital K.

· T-square sexual position – The woman is on her back with her knees up and legs apart. The man lies on his side perpendicular to her, with his hips under the arch formed by her legs.

· Swan (Hamsana) – This is a yoga style sexual position that has been known to help cure headaches. The woman gets on her hands and knees and rests her head on the bed or floor. She places her hands together at her waist (below the navel) with her palms down and fingers pointing at the feet. The man positions behind her for rear entry sex.

· 96 or reverse missionary - Either partner lies on their back for this sexual position. The other partner lies on top but faces the opposite direction, so the couple is head-to-toe and toe-to-head. To make this sexual position work, the person on bottom should flatten their back and arch their pelvic area. Since the angle of entry is very different from what most couples expect, the woman should help guide the penis.

· Double Penetration – The shared sexual nerve endings between the anus and vagina are highly sensitive, so this is a highly stimulating sexual position for the woman. This position either requires two givers or the use of a vibrator or dildo. One partner should first insert his penis or toy into the vagina. Then the anus should be penetrated. If couples are interested in variations of this sexual position, they may want to explore anal sex positions or group sex positions.

· Sexual Positions in the Car – Practically any sexual position can be performed using a car. The hood, for example, can be used for the wrap around, where the woman leans on the hood and wraps her legs around the man. Other sexual positions can be performed in the backseat, in the front seat, while driving, and even half in, half out of the car.

Other advanced sexual positions include Kama Sutra, Tantric Sex, The Perfumed Garden, and standing, sitting and kneeling positions.

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