Sexual Positions for Group Sex

When more than two people join in a sexual position, it is commonly referred to as group sex. Group sex involving a single female or male and multiple males is sometimes known as a gang bang. Any of these group sex sexual positions can also be performed by women wearing strap-on dildos.

Group sex sexual positions include:

· Airtight Seal - The woman's vagina, anus and mouth are simultaneously penetrated.

· Double penetration - The woman's vagina and anus are simultaneously penetrated.

· Double Vaginal Penetration - Two men simultaneously penetrate a woman's vagina.

· Double Anal Penetration - Two men simultaneously penetrate a woman's or man's anus.

· DVDA or Double-Vaginal-Double-Anal - Two men simultaneously penetrate a woman's vagina, while two other men simultaneously penetrate her anus. No evidence exists that this sexual position has ever been accomplished because it seems physically impossible.

· Daisy Chain – In this sexual position a group of men simultaneously penetrate each other’s anus to create a chain formation. This sexual position also refers to a group of men, women, or both who each perform oral sex on the next.

· Spitroast – Also called a wobbly H or Fingercuffs, this sexual position occurs when one partner has their mouth and vagina or anus simultaneously penetrated.

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