Missionary Position Variations

The missionary position is probably the best-known sexual position in the Western World. The full body contact of both partners in the missionary position gives it a unique level of closeness, which can be heightened by kissing, caressing and holding.

There are several missionary position variations, which can be started from the missionary position. If these sexual positions become confusing, remember that the foundation for these sexual positions is the basic missionary position.

· Side-Entry Missionary Position– The man kneels and straddles the woman’s lower leg. The woman’s upper leg can move freely, but it might be bent. Either partner can hold the woman’s leg to her chest. The advantages of this variation on the missionary position ranges from ease of penis insertion and ease of body caressing to easy clitoris stimulation and the ability of the man to control his thrusting. Disadvantages of this sexual position includes the distance of the couple, making it difficult to kiss, and the inability to thrust hard and press body to body simultaneously.

· Squashing of the Deckchair – This variant on the missionary position was popularized by the movie American Pie 2. The woman lies on her back while the man aligns himself with her vagina. The man then holds, or presses with his shoulder, the woman’s legs upward. This sexual position is easy and promotes good clitoral stimulation.

· Butterfly Missionary Position – The man stands up while the woman lies on her back on a surface below the man’s waist height. The woman lifts her pelvis as the man supports her weight with his hands so her vagina is aligned with the penis, and the man penetrates her. This missionary position variation is good for stimulating the woman’s G-spot.

· Coital Alignment Technique - The man lies above the woman as in the missionary position, but instead of penetrating her moves upward along her body so the base of his penis provides stimulation to her clitoris as they both thrust. This missionary position variation has been known to stimulate the woman well enough to increase her likelihood of her having an orgasm.

· Peace Sign – The woman lies on the bottom with her legs tightly closed. This missionary position helps the woman control the man’s thrusts.

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