Sexual Positions for Rear Entry Sex

Rear entry sex, also known as doggy style, provides certain stimulation that other sexual positions don’t. Rear entry sex lets a couple experience new sensations because the angle of entry is different from other sexual positions. From behind, a man has can alter his movements and can thrust deeper with rear entry sex, while the woman can work with her partner by guiding the speed and depth of penetration. Rear entry sex is a vaginal sexual position and should not be confused with anal sex positions.

Some couples think a lack of intimacy exists during rear entry sex because they can’t see each other during passionate moments. Adding mirrors and setting them in different angles can offer a more intimate and unique experience.

· Basic Rear Entry Sex - The woman gets on her hands and knees or lies on her stomach. The man positions behind her, gets on his knees or feet and grasps the woman’s hips for leverage. The man's legs can be inside or outside of the women's legs, but the closer together the women’s legs, the more friction occurs between the penis and vagina.

Women may find rear entry sex somewhat restrictive, but a low bed or furniture piece will let them rest their upper torso, giving them more freedom to move their hips and pelvis. Men may find it difficult to prolong their orgasm while having rear entry sex because of its intense stimulation. Consequently, the couple may wish to use rear entry sex as an end to their lovemaking session.

Variations on rear entry sex:

· Upright Doggy – The woman kneels upright as the man penetrates her from behind.

· Forward for Pleasure – For this sexual position, the man lies on his back and the female straddles his hips with her back to him. She can rock back and forth using his legs for support or he can support her hips with his arms to assist her movement. While this rear entry sex position does not involve direct clitoral stimulation, women may find that by leaning forward as far as possible will help them feel an extremely pleasurable sensation.

· The Chair - The man sits upright in a chair, for this type of rear entry sex, while the woman sits down on his lap. Her back is pressed to his chest as she begins to move up and down. The woman uses her arms and legs to adjust the speed of the movement. If a chair is uncomfortable, the man can kneel with his buttocks on his ankles, while the female positions herself onto his penis. There is not a great deal of movement involved, but this sexual position can be used for after sex play or for men with limited mobility.

· Leapfrog – For this rear entry sex position, the woman is on her hands and knees, but lowers her torso and raises her buttocks to the man.

· Face Down – This is similar to Leapfrog rear entry sex, except the woman lies face down with her legs spread apart. The male then straddles her thighs from behind. Placing a pillow underneath her abdomen will shift the angle of her hips and make entry easier. Establishing a rhythm with this sexual position can be difficult, and the penis has a tendency to slip out of the vagina forcing the couple to restart lovemaking. Starting with slow shallow thrusts will help.

· Face Up - The man lies on his back while the woman lies with her back pressed against his chest. This allows easy access to the clitoris, which can be massaged during this type of rear entry sex. Also, this kind of rear entry sex is excellent for pregnant women because there is no stress on the woman’s front.

· Spoon – This rear entry sex position is relaxing and simple. Both partners face the same direction and lie on their sides with the man behind the woman. The woman slightly parts her legs, bends her knees and tilts her hips to one side as the man guides his penis into her vagina. Thrusting and movement is limited in this type of rear entry sex but it is very close and intimate.

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