Sexual Positions Terms

As couples explore more and different sexual positions, they may encounter unfamiliar phrases or terms. The following glossary provides basic definitions on terms relating to sex and sexual positions.

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A Spot – An area between the female’s G-spot and cervix opening that is thought to increase lubrication during intercourse and was “discovered by a gynecologist in Malaysia

Ablutophilia - A paraphilia where one is sexually excited by baths or showers

Abnormal Bleeding - Menstrual bleeding between periods often associated with increased stress

Abortifacient - A substance or device used to facilitate an abortion

Abortion - Terminating a pregnancy before birth

Abortion Pill - Slang for RU-486/Mifepristone

AC/DC - Slang for bisexual

Acmegenesis - Term referring to orgasm

Acrophilia - Sexual arousal from being in high places

Acrorthosis - Medical condition where o male has too many erections

Acrosome - Membrane at the leading edge of a sperm cell containing enzymes specifically designed for compatibility with a female's egg

Active - One assuming the male or aggressive role in a sexual relationship

Acucullophilia - Circumcision

Adelphogamy - A marriage in which brothers share their wives

Adenomyosis - Growth of endometrial cells in the muscular wall of the uterus causing pelvic pain

Adolescentilism – Gaining sexual pleasure from dressing as an adolescent

Adult Entertainment - Sexually explicit or graphic material designed adult viewing

Adult Novelties – Synonym for adult toys

Adult Toy - A device (e.g. vibrator or dildo) designed to increase sexual pleasure

Adult Toy Cleaner - Special cleaning solution, usually with antibacterial properties, used to clean sex toys

Adultery – Voluntary sexual encounter between two people when one or both parties are already married to a person other than the one their engaging the sexual encounter with.

Agate - Slang for small penis

Agraphobia - Morbid fear of sexual abuse

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) - Set of conditions associated with advanced stages of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

Albutophilia - Sexual arousal from water

Algolagnia – Refers to sadomasochism or S&M.

Alternative lifestyle - Any sexual preference that differs from the generally accepted social norms

Amrita - Tantric sex term meaning female ejaculate

Ambisextrous - Bi-sexual

Amrita - Tantric sex term meaning female ejaculate

Anahata - Tantric sex term regarding the 4th Chakra or the heart-center

Anal Balloon Pump - Inflatable sex toy designed for insertion into the anus, giving the user control over the size of the toy

Anal Balls - Set of balls, usually connected by a string, which create sexual pleasure when inserted into the anus and then removed

Anal Beads - String of balls designed for insertion into the anus and pulled out for sexual stimulation. Some beads have a small vibrator or vibrating egg

Anal Coitus – Engagement of sex in the rectum

Anal Dildo – Dildo, most flared at the base for safety, for anal insertion

Anal Eroticism - Sexual sensitivity in the anus or rectum

Anal-Eze - Brand of lubrication having a desensitizing agent to numb the anus

Anal Fetish - A preoccupation with the anus or rectum

Anal Intercourse - Form of sexual intercourse where the penis is placed inside the anus

Anal Lube - Lubrication specifically designed for anal use

Anal Pearls - Anal beads

Anal Sex – Inserting the penis or another object into the anus

Anal Plug - A device, usually of silicone, jelly or rubber, used for sexual pleasure when inserted into the anus

Anal Probe - Anal vibrator or anal plug

Anal Sex Toy - Sex toy, usually flared at the base, designed to stimulate the anus

Anal Vibrator – Vibrator, usually flared at the base, for stimulating the anus

Analingus - Kissing or penetrating the anus with the tongue

Ananda - Tantric sex term for divine happiness

Ananga Ranga - An Indian love manual written around 1172 AD with the intention of preventing the separation of a husband and wife.

Andrin - Hormones produced by the male sex glands

Androgyny - A gender identity that allows expression of both gender roles.

Angry Dragon - Expelling semen from the mouth or nose after oral sex

Anja - Tantric term for the third eye or 6th Chakra

Anorchous - Having no testicles

Anus - Opening to the rectum

Apellious - Circumcision

Aphallatia - Celibacy

Aphephilia – Feeling pleasure from being touched

Aphrodisiac – Drug, liquid, agent or food that arouses sexual desire

Arc of Erection - Angle at which the penis extends from the body when aroused

Areola - The brownish or pinkish area of flesh immediately around the nipple of the breasts

Artificial Insemination – Impregnating a woman by injecting semen into the uterus

Around The World - Kissing the entire body before sex

Arouse – Using physical or mental stimulation to create sexual interest

Arsometry - Anal sex

Artificial Penis – Referring to a dildo

Asana - Tantric sex term for physical posture

Asexual – Lack of physical attraction to same or opposite sex

Asphyxophilia – Dependancy on being strangled to the point of passing out for sexual arousal

Ass – Referring to buttocks

Asshole - Slang for anus or a person not looked upon favorably

Asthenospermia - Decrease in amount of mobile sperm

Astyphia - Impotence

Astroglide - Popular brand of sexual lubrication

Asynodia - Celibacy due to impotence

Atman - Tantric sex term referring to divine perfection

Atypical Sexual Behavior - Sexual behavior not falling within societal "norm"

Autocunnilingus - Oral sex on one's own vagina

Autoerotic Asphyxia - Self-strangulation for sexual arousal

Autoeroticism - Self-stimulation of genitals or other body areas

Autofellatio - Oral sex on one's own penis

Autogynephilia - Arousal from cross dressing

Autoinoculation of herpes simplex virus - Spread of Herpes from one body part to another

Autopederasty - Insertion one's own penis into their anus

Autosadism - Inflicting pain on oneself for sexual gratification

Avisodomy - Sex with a bird

Azospermia - Lack of sperm in the ejaculate

AZT - A nucleoside analog used to slow replication of HIV


B&D - A term meaning bondage and discipline

Back Door – Slang for the anus or rectum

Back Scuttle - Slang for anal intercourse

Backswing - Slang for anal intercourse regarding penetration while one lies on their stomach

Bacterial STD – Bacterial sexually transmitted disease including syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) - Most common cause of vaginal infection (vaginitis) causing an abnormal vaginal discharge an unpleasant fishy smell

Backwards Cowgirl - Sexual position where a woman "rides" a man while facing his feet as he lies on his back

Bagpipe - Slang for fellatio

Balanitis - Inflammation of the penis glans and foreskin caused by infections, irritations, drugs or other factors

Ballock - Testicle

Balls - Slang for the scrotum or testes

Bandah - Tantric sex term for sacred energy

Bang - Slang for sexual intercourse

Bareback - Slang for having sex without a condom

Bareback Blowjob - Oral sex without a condom

Basoexia - Sexual arousal from kissing

Basorthosis - When the penis becomes erect during kissing

Battery Powered Vibrator - A vibrator powered by batteries

BBBJ - Slang for oral sex without a condom

BDSM - Form of sex play or role-play combining Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS) and Sadomasochism (SM)

Behind - The buttocks

Belonephilia - A paraphilia involving arousal by pins, needles or other sharp objects

Ben-Wa Balls - Pair of plastic or ceramic coated balls that create pleasurable sensations when placed inside the vagina by gently knocking against each other

Bestiality - Sex between humans and animals, including masturbation and sexual intercourse

BFP - BDSM abbreviation for bound for pleasure

BG - Abbreviation for bi-gendered

Bi - Abbreviation for bisexual

Bi Curious - Term for one curious about or willing to experiment with bisexual activities

Bigamy - Act of marrying one person while being married simultaneously to another

Bigendered - One who occasionally switches between masculine and feminine gender roles

Bimanual Exam - Physical examination of pelvic internal reproductive organs

Biphobia - Oppression or mistreatment of Bisexuals, especially by lesbians and gay men

Birth Control - Methods and actions to prevent pregnancy

Birth Control Pills - Prescription medication taken by a female to prevent pregnancy

Bi-sexual – One who is romantically or sexually attracted to people of both genders

BJ - Abbreviation for blowjob; slang term for oral sex.

Blumkin - Receiving oral sex while defecating

Bended Orgasm - An orgasm combining both G-Spot and clitoral orgasm

Bird-Watching - Performing oral sex on a man, then swallowing the semen

Blow Job – Slang for oral sex on a male

Blow-Up Doll - Life-sized doll often sold as a substitute sexual partner

Blue Balls - Slang for pain in the testicles from lack of ejaculation

Bondage - Practice of sexual domination that can include restraints, humiliation, punishment, torture

Bondage and Discipline - Known as B&D; Involves several sexual practices like bondage, discipline or slave training

Box - Slang for vagina

Branding - Burning or scarring the skin, usually as part of a BDSM sex ritual

Brazilian - Waxing where most or all of the pubic hair is removed

Breast - One of the two mammary glands located on the chest of a female

Browning – Refers to anal intercourse

Bukkake - Japanese term for when several men ejaculate on the face of a woman

Bullet Vibrator – Traditional vibrator often in the shape of a bullet

Burn – Refers to infecting one with a venereal disease

Butch - Lesbian who prefers traditionally masculine dress, style, expression, or identity.

Butt - Slang for buttocks

Butterfly Vibrator - Small vibrator secured by leg or waist straps to be worn directly against the vulva and/or clitoris

Buttocks - The rump formed by the two protuberances behind the hips on which human beings sit

Button – Slang referring to the clitoris

BV (Bacterial Vaginosis) - Inflammation of the vagina (vaginitis) caused by a change in the balance of vaginal bacteria


C&B Torture – Stands for a BDSM practice of attaining pleasure by inflicting and/or receiving painful stimulation to the male genitals; Also known as cock and ball torture; Also abbreviated as CBT

C2C – Stands for cock to cock; General term for gay sex

Caging – Refers to locking an individual in a cage in BDSM

Call Girl - A prostitute

Cancroid - Small ulcer on the genitals, which is very infectious

Cane - The penis in a state of erection

Captivity – Stands for holding a willing partner in servitude in BDSM

Carnal - Relating to physical and especially sexual appetites

Carnal Knowledge - Usually referring to sexual intercourse; to know someone sexually

Castrate - Surgically removing the testicles to make the reproductive glands inoperable; Also known as castration

Catagelophilia - Paraphilia involving sexual arousal when being ridiculed

Catamenia - Menstruation

CBJ - Describes a blowjob while wearing a condom; A covered blowjob

Celibate - Refraining from all sexual activity

Celibacy - State of being unmarried or living a life with no sexual relations

Cervical Mucous - Protective mucous secreted by endocervical glands in females

Cervical Mucus Method - Predicting ovulation by observing changes in cervical mucus

Cervix - Lower part of uterus connecting vagina to uterus

Change Over – To have a sex change operation

Chaste Sex - Sexual intercourse between husband and wife after marriage

Chastity Belt - Belt worn to prevent access to the genitals, specifically to prevent sexual intercourse

Chakra – Refers to the nerve center of the body in Tantric sex

Chancre – Painless red sore that can indicate syphilis

Chicken Head - Woman who trades sexual favors for drugs, usually crack

Child Abuse - Sexual assault against a child by someone older than the age of consent.

Child Pornography - Using photos or images of children for sexual gratification

Chlamydia - Sexually transmitted disease, which can cause sterility if left untreated

Chremastistophilia - Paraphilia involving sexual arousal by being robbed

Chrysophilia - Paraphilia involving sexual arousal by gold or gold colored objects

Chubby Dildo - Dildo that is thicker and shorter than average

Circle Jerk - Slang for group of men masturbating in front of each other

Circumcised – Penis that has had its foreskin surgically removed, usually at birth

Circumcision - Process of removing the penis' foreskin, usually at birth

Clap - Slang for sexually transmitted disease, usually gonorrhea or syphilis

Claustrophilia - Paraphilia involving sexual arousal by being confined to small places

Cleavage – Area which separates the female breasts

Climax – When orgasm is achieved

Clit – Short for clitoris

Clitoral Hood - Small flap of skin covering and protecting the clitoris

Clitoral Stimulation - Direct manipulation or rubbing of the clitoris using any means

Clitoral Stimulator - Vibrator designed to stimulate the clitoris. Also known as a clitoral vibrator

Clitoridotomy - Female circumcision

Clitoris - The small, nerve-dense area of skin between labia on the upper part of the vagina.

Closet Dyke - An active female homosexual who puts her true character in hiding. Also known as closet queen

Cock - Slang for the penis

Cock Ring – Device, such as a leather strap or rubber ring, that is placed at the penis base to restrict blood flow and lengthen the duration of an erection or prolong ejaculation

Cock Tease - Slang for someone who intentionally sexually arouses a male but does not follow through with sexual activity

Cohabit - To live, sleep and have sexual relations as a man and wife

Coitolimia - Abnormally strong sex drive

Coitophobia - Fear of sexual intercourse

Coitus - Sexual intercourse involving ejaculation from the penis

Coitus Interruptus - Removal of the penis from the vagina before orgasm

Colliculus Seminalis - Part of male reproductive system on the urethral crest

Come - Slang for orgasm

Commitment Ceremony - Religious or secular ritual honoring the union of lesbian or gay couples

Conception - Uniting of semen and ovum during intercourse; impregnation

Concubine - A mistress

Concupiscence - Possessing excessive sexual desire

Concurrent Climax - Simultaneous climax or orgasm between two partners

Condom - Thin piece of material, usually latex, worn over the penis during sexual activity to help protect against sexually transmitted diseases or prevent pregnancy

Consensual - Agreement between parties for a certain activity, usually pertaining to sex

Contraception – Method of birth control to prevent pregnancy

Contraceptive - Device, drug or chemical agent attempting to prevent conception

Contrectation – Stands for foreplay

Convertite – Refers to a former prostitute

Coprology - Study of pornography

Copulation - Engaging in sexual intercourse

Corona - Ridge of skin separating the penis head from the shaft

Cosset – Caress and fondle lovingly and with physical intimacy

Crabs - Lice that infect the pubic area

Crotch - Genital area of the pelvis

Crurophilia - Paraphilia involving sexual arousal by legs

CTD – Short for clitoral therapy device

Cuckold – A man whose wife has been unfaithful, or the act of cheating on a spouse.

Cum - Slang for orgasm or semen

Cumming – Stands for ejaculating or achieving orgasm

Cumshot - Act of ejaculation

Cunnilingus – Oral Sex to stimulate the female genital area

Cunt - Slang for the vagina; Derogatory designation for any female

Cyber – Refers to cyber sex

Cyber Sex - Sexual encounter or sexual relations via computer connection

Cyberskin – Trade name for lifelike material used for dildos, vibrators and other adult toys

Cyberskin Vibrator - Vibrator with a Cyberskin sleeve, or made primarily of Cyberskin

Cypridophobia - Fear of catching a venereal disease

Cypripareunia - Sex with a prostitute

Cytomegalovirus - A genus of Herpes viruses,meaning "cell very big virus", which attacks the salivary glands and may be fatal to fetuses; In humans the species it is known as Human herpesvirus 5 (HHV-5); Abbreviated as CMV


D&S – Short for dominance & submission

Dacryphilia - A paraphilia involving sexual arousal of a partner’s tears

Daisy Chain – Group sex activity in which several people are stimulating each other's genitals simultaneously

Daka - Tantric sex term for male healer

Darma - Tantric sex term referring to one's divine purpose

Darshan - Tantric sex term referring to inner vision.

Date Rape - Forceful sexual contact with an unwilling partner

DDF – Short for Disease/Drug Free

Dead Stick - A penis permanently or temporarily incapable of an erection

Debauchery - Overindulgence in sexual pleasures

Deep Throat - Slang for inserting the penis down one's throat during fellatio

Deep Tongue - French kissing; Oral-vaginal sex where the tongue is inserted deep inside the vagina

Defile - Rape or violate a woman virgin

Defloration - Act of taking away a female's virginity

Degenerate – One whose abnormalities exceed the average actions of heterosexual or homosexual intercourse

Deosculate - Kiss one affectionately

Depuscelate – Lose one's virginity

Dermophiliac – One who derives sexual arousal from leather

Derriere – Refers to backside or buttocks

Desire - State of sexual arousal

Deva - Tantric sex term referring to God or cosmic power

Deviate - Sex pervert

Dharma - Tantric sex term referring to a high spiritual path

Diaphragm- Contraceptive device; thin flexible disk, usually made of rubber designed to cover the uterine cervix to prevent the entry of sperm during sexual intercourse

Dick – Slang for penis

Dildo - Sex toy usually made of silicone, rubber or jelly used to enhance sexual pleasure by insertion into the vagina or anus

Discharge - Ejaculation of semen through the penis as a result of orgasm; A slow expulsion of fluids from the penis caused by a sexually transmitted disease

Dissolute - Free of sexual restraints

Doggy Style – Refers to the male penetrating the female from behind

Domestic Partnership - Committed relationship between two unmarried people who live together

Dominatrix – One in charge in a BDSM relationship. The male is a Dominant or Dom; female is a Domme, Domina or Dominatrix

Dong – Slang for penis

Don Juan - Type of lover who enjoys the victory in seduction more than the sensual pleasure

Donor Egg – An Egg that has been retrieved from one person and given to another.

Donor Sperm – Sperm that has been collected and used to fertilize an egg, usually anonymously

Double Dildo - Two-sided dildo; Also known as double dong

Double Penetration - When a woman is penetrated simultaneously in the vagina and anus by two men

Douche -Cleaning the vagina with a spray attachment

DP – Short for double penetration

Drag – When one assumes both the dress and mannerisms of the opposite gender

Drag Queen - A male who dresses in female clothing

Dry Run/Fuck Rubbing pelvises with a female while fully clothed

Dual-Action Vibrator - Vibrator designed to stimulate both the clitoris and vagina simultaneously; also known as dual-purpose vibrator and dual vibrator

Dungeon - Room designed for S&M play

Durga - Meaning warrior goddess in Tantric sex

Dutch - Slang for bisexual man

DVDA - Stands for "double vagina, double anal"; Penetration of a woman simultaneously by four men

Dyke - Female assuming the masculine role in a lesbian relationship
Dystychiphilia - Paraphilia involving sexual arousal from accidents

Dysuria - Painful or difficult urination, often caused by a sexually transmitted disease


Ectopic Pregnancy – A pregnancy where the fertilized egg is implanted somewhere other than the uterine wall; Mostly occurs in the Fallopian tube; Also known as Eccyesis

Effeminate - Feminine in appearance and/or in actions

Egg – Female sex cell; Also known as the ovum

Egg Retrieval - A procedure to harvest eggs

Egg Vibrator – An egg-shaped small but powerful vibrator

Ejaculation - Process during orgasm where semen is emitted forcefully through the penis

Ejaculatory Ducts – Path where semen travels during ejaculation

Electric Vibrator - Vibrator powered by electricity instead of battery

Electro-torture – Using small electrical current for erotic stimulation

Emmeniopathy – Refers to menstrual disorder or disease

Encraty - Abstinence

Endometrial Hyperplasia - Thickening of the endometrial lining because of excess mucosal cells

Endometrial Polyp - A benign growth on the lining of the uterus, which usually have no symptoms

Endometriosis - Abnormal growth of the uterine mucous membrane

Endometrium – Uterus lining that grows and sheds in response to estrogen and progesterone stimulation

Engorgement - Process of filling with blood, such as a penis during an erection or a clitoris during arousal.

Eonism - Transvestitism

Epicente - Refers to both sexes

Erectile Dysfunction - Lack of blood flow to the penis causing an inability to achieve an erection

Erectile Tissue – Blood vessels in the clitoris and penis that fill with blood during sexual arousal

Erection - Rigid state of a sex organ that contains erectile tissue.

Erection Enhancer - Device worn around the penis to prolong or improve the quality of an erection

Erection Ring - Small, circular apparatus worn around the penis to add stamina by restricting blood flow from the penis back to the body

Erection Stimulator - Usually a strap or ring worn around the penis to enhance erections

Erogenous Zone - Any body area creates positive sexual sensations when stimulated including the genitals, breasts, nipples and anus

Erotic – Refers to sexually stimulating or sexually arousing

Erotic Dreams – Sexually explicit dreams

Erotic Restraint – Restricting movement for erotic play

Erotica - Sexually explicit film, literature or pictures

Erotophobia - Fear of sexuality or the expression of sexual love

Escort - A female or male who is hired as a "date" typically for sex

Eunich - Male who has had his testicles removed

Eviration - Emasculation or castration

Excitement - Second stage of the sexual response cycle

Exhibitionist – One who derives sexual pleasure by exposing themselves or performing sexual activity in front of others

Exogamy – When one must marry another outside a certain social class or group

Extension - Adult toy that fits over the penis and extends its length


Face Sitting - Slang for when a woman sits on a man's face

Fake Orgasm - Pretending to have an orgasm to satisfy a partner

Fake Penis – Refers to a dildo or vibrator

Fallopian Tubes - Ducts through which eggs travel to the uterus once they are released from the follicle

Fanta - Act of "daydreaming" or "fantasizing" about a situation that does not currently exist

Feel Up - Slang for touching one in a sexual way; Also known as Feel Out

Felch / Felching - Sexual term for licking the semen from a partner's anus after ejaculation

Fellare - Fellatio

Fellatio - Act of kissing, licking, or sucking the male genitals

Fem - The passive female in a homosexual relationship. Opposite of Dyke

Female Domination - When the man desires to be dominated by his female partner

Female Ejaculation - When a woman ejects fluid from her vagina during orgasm

Female Sexual Arousal Disorder - Inability to attain or maintain sexual excitement

Female Sexual Dysfunction - Inability to achieve or maintain adequate genital lubrication

Femdom - Woman who is the dominant participant in B&D activities

Fertility Treatment - Method or procedure to enhance fertility or increase the likelihood of pregnancy

Fertilization – Combination of the genetic material carried by sperm and egg to create an embryo.

Fetish - Fixation on an activity, object or body part

Fetish Clothing - Revealing or sexually enticing latex, rubber or leather clothing

Fibroid - Benign tumor made up of fibrous tissue.

Finger / Fingering – Stimulating the vagina with the fingers

Finger Fuck – Refers to female masturbation or inserting one's fingers into the vagina

First Base - Slang for kissing

Fist Fuck - Inserting the entire hand into the anus or vagina; Also known as Fisting

Flaccid - A non-erect or "soft" penis

Flagellation - Whipping or beating until orgasm is achieved

Flang - The corona of the penis

Flesh Peddler - A pimp

Fleshpot - Red light district or area where prostitutes hang out

Fly Jockey - Man who copulates through the fly of his pants without removing his trousers

Fluffer – One who performs oral sex on an actor to arouse them to prepare them for a film a scene

Fondle - Touch in a sexual way another person's body

Foot Fetish - Sexual obsession with feet or shoes

Foot Job - Rubbing the penis with the feet until ejaculation

Foreplay - Any action that causes sexual excitement before sexual intercourse.

Foreskin - Roll of skin covering and protecting the head of the penis of an uncircumcised male

Fornication - Sexual intercourse between people who are not married

Fraternize - To keep intimate company with a person

French - To perform oral sex

Frenulum / Frenum - Thin strip of flesh on the penis underside connecting the shaft to the head

French Kiss - Kiss with the tongue

Frenchie – Refers to a condom

Frig - Finger female genitalia

Froggy Style - Sexual intercourse where the woman crouches above the man, and moves up and down.

Frottage / Frot – Rubbing against someone for sexual gratification. Usually used when rubbing of male genitalia against male genitalia

FSH – Stands for Follicle Stimulating Hormone

Fuck - Sexual intercourse; Old English abbreviation for "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge"


G-Spot – Short for the Grafenberg Spot and located in the vagina’s upper wall; If stimulated correctly can be pleasurable and lead to orgasm

G-Spot Vibrator - Vibrator with a curved tip to stimulate the G-Spot

G-String - Small material covering only the female pubic area and secured by thin straps around the hips; Thong

Galactorrhea - Breast milk secretion by a woman not currently breast-feeding

Gamophobia - Fear of marriage

Gang Bang / Gangbang – Refers to many men having sex with one woman simultaneously

Gay – Refers to homosexual

Gaydar - Ability to identify a gay person by sight

Gender - Physical attributes assigned to a male or a female

Gender Neutral - Clothing, behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and relationships considered neither masculine nor feminine

Genderphobia - Morbid fear of transsexuals and cross-dressers

Genital Herpes - Herpes infection associated with the genital areas

Genital Warts - Wart-like sore or legion caused by the human Papilloma virus

Genitals - General term for male and female sexual organs

Genophibia - Fear of sex

Gerontophilia - Paraphilia involving sexual arousal by a much older partner

Gigolo - A usually good-looking man who profits from his association with women

Gimp - BDSM term referring to a sex slave dressed in leather

Ginger - A prostitute who makes a habit of robbing her customers

Give Head – Refers to performing oral sex

Glans - Head of the penis, which is most often covered by the foreskin of uncircumcised men

Glans Clitorides - Head of the clitoris

Glans Penis - Head of the penis

Glass Dildo - Dildo made of glass, usually made from Pyrex and are virtually unbreakable

Glory Hole - Slang for a hole in a wall where a man inserts his penis and is stimulated manually or orally by another on the other side

Go Down On – Refers to performing oral sex

Godemiche - Dildo

Golden Screw - When a man urinates inside a woman during intercourse

Golden Shower - Form of sex play where one person urinates on their partner

Gonad - Gland that makes reproductive cells and sex hormones, e.g - testicles in the male, ovaries in the female

Gonga - Anus

Gonorrhea - A sexually transmitted disease caused by gonococcal bacteria and affects the mucous membrane of the genital and urinary tracts and may cause purulent discharge and painful or difficult urination

Gonzo – An adult film showing sex without any plot

Goose – Refers to inserting a finger between the cheeks of the buttocks

Gravid - Pregnant

Gravidate - To impregnate

Greek Sex – Also known as anal sex

Grind – Refers to sexual intercourse

Grope – Refers to manually stimulating someone's genitals

Group Sex - Simultaneous sex between three or more individuals

Gymnophobia - Fear of nudity

Gynandry - Hermaphroditism

Gynaeolatry - Worship of women

Gynecologist - Physician specializing in the care and treatment of the female genitalia and reproductive tract

Gynecology - Branch of medicine involving the care of the female reproductive system

Gynemimism - Adoption of female characteristics by a male

Gynophobia - Fear of women.

Gynotikolobomassophilia - Paraphilia involving sexual arousal by a woman's earlobe


Habitual Abortion - Refers to when a woman has three or more miscarriages

Haemophilus Vaginalis - Bacteria that causing bacterial vaginosis

Half & Half - Performing or receiving a blow job as well as a rim job

Hamartophilia - Paraphilia involving sexual arousal when committing acts considered

Hand Job - Stimulating the genitals of a partner with hands

Hands Free Vibrator - Vibrator that straps around the legs or waist and usually stimulates the clitoris

Haptephilia - Paraphilia involving sexual arousal when being touched

Hardcore - Refers to pornography that shows penetration and/or ejaculation

Hard-on - Slang for an erection

Hard Swap - Allowing a partner to have sex with someone else while not in their presence

Harem - A collection of lovers, which are available to be used by one person

Harlot - A prostitute

Harness - Device worn around the waist, which attaches to or can be attached to a dildo.

HD – Stands for humiliation and discipline in BDSM

Head – Refers to oral sex or the head of the penis

Hedonist – One who dedicates a significant amount of time to the pursuit of physical pleasure

Hedonophobia - Fear of pleasure

Hentai - Japanese adult erotic art or animation

Hepatitis - Inflammation of the liver caused by one of several hepatitis viruses

Hermaphrodite / Hermaphroditism – One who was born with both male and female sex organs

Herpes Encephalitis - Severe but rare illness when Herpes Simplex Virus infects the brain

Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) - Sexually transmitted disease causing a rash or blisters on the cervix, vagina, mouth, penis and anus; Also known as


Hershey Highway - Slang for anus

Hetaerism - Extramarital sex

Heterosexology - Study of heterosexuals

Heterosexual – One prefers sexual activity with members of the opposite sex

High-tech Vibrator - Vibrator capable of advanced movements including vibrate, surge, escalate, roller-coaster and pulse

Hitachi Magic Wand - Powerful and popular personal massager made by Hitachi Corporation that doubles as a vibrator

Home Base – Refers to achieving intercourse with a partner

Hominophobia - Fear of men

Homoeroticism - Desire to have sex with, or an attraction to members of the same sex

Homophobia - Fear of homosexuals and/or homosexuality

Homosexology - Study of homosexuals

Homosexual – One who prefers sexual activity with members of the same sex

Hooker - Prostitute

Horizontal exercise – Intercourse

Hormone - Chemical secreted by endocrine glands that transfer information and instructions from one set of cells to another

Horny – Craving sexual intercourse

Hot Karl – Refers to defecating in one’s mouth

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) - Group of infections that may cause genital warts and may be linked to certain cancers.

Humiliation - Erotic control that humbles by teasing about one’s sexual desires

Hummer – Refers to oral sex usually performed on a male

Hump – Refers to sexual intercourse

Hung – Refers to a man with a large penis

Hustler – Male prostitute

Hymen - Mucous membrane that partially blocks the entrance to the uterus in a young female

Hymenotomy - Small incision of the hymen to facilitate sexual intercourse

Hypermastia - Condition where one develops unusually large breasts

Hypermenorrhea - Excessive menstrual flow

Hypersexual - Having an extremely large sex drive or insatiable need for sexual activity

Hypomastia - Condition where one develops unusually small breasts

Hyposexuality – Refers to little or no sexual desire

Hysterical Paroxysm - Outdated synonym for orgasm

Hysteromania – A woman’s unusually large sexual appetite

Hysteroscopy - Surgical procedure where a slender light-transmitting telescope views the inside of the uterus


Icolagnia - Sexual arousal by looking at pictures

Id - Source of unconscious and primitive urges and desires in humans, according to Freud

ILGA – Short for International Lesbian and Gay Association

Immoral - Unlawful or improper relations of a sexual nature

Impotent - Inability to achieve or maintain an erection

Impregnation - Uniting of the semen with the ovum and onset of pregnancy

Incest - Sexual contact with a member of one's immediate family other than the husband and wife

Incomplete Abortion - Abortion after which some tissue remains inside the uterus

Infertility - Condition attributed to an individual who has unsuccessfully tried to conceive a child for one year or longer

Ingravidate - To make pregnant

Inhibited Sexual Arousal – a psychological condition in which one is unable Inability to become sexually aroused by a partner

Inorgasmic – Unable experience an orgasm

Intercourse – Penetration f a body part, such as the vagina or anus, by the penis

Intersexual – One with both male and female sex organs

In Vitro - Lab experiments conducted in cell cultures grown in an artificial environment

Ipsism – Masturbation

Iron - Male prostitute

Irrumation – Refers to oral sex, specifically fellatio

IUD - Contraceptive inserted at the opening of the uterus to prevent pregnancy


Jack Off – Refers to male masturbation

Jelly - Brightly colored and soft, squishy material used to make sex toys, specifically vibrators and dildos

Jelly Dildo - Dildo made of jelly

Jelly Vibrator - Vibrator covered in or constructed out of jelly

Jelly Toy - Dildo

Jerk Off – Masturbating the male member

Jill Off – Refers to female masturbation

Jism - Semen

Jizz - Semen

John – Refers to a man who engages in sexual activity with a prostitute

Johnson – Refers to the penis

Joint – Refers to the penis

Joy Jelly – Refers to sexual lubrication

Joy Juice – Refers to the natural vaginal lubrication produced by a sexually aroused female

Joy Stick – Refers to the penis


K9 - Sexual acts between humans and animals; Also known as bestiality

K9 Porn - Films which depict sex between humans and animals

Kama – Hindu God of love; Also known as great sexual passion

Karma - Tantric sex term referring to the effect of one's actions

Kainotophilia - Paraphilia where one is sexually aroused by change

Kakorrhaphiphilia - Paraphilia where one is sexually aroused by failure

Kegal / Kegal Exercise – An exercise where the pelvic muscles are repeatedly tightened to strengthen them after childbirth

Keraunophilia - Paraphilia where one is sexually aroused from thunder and/or lightning

Kinesophilia - Paraphilia where one is sexually aroused from exercise

Kinky – Refers to sexual activity considered outside the norm

Kleptophilia - Paraphilia where one is sexually aroused by stealing

Knismolagnia – When one is sexually aroused from being tickled

Knissophilia - Paraphilia where one is sexually aroused from incense

Kolpophobia - Morbid fear of the female genitals

Kopophilia - Paraphilia where one is sexually aroused from exhaustion

KY Jelly - Water soluble lubricant often used during sexual activity


Labia - External folds of skin making up the outer portion of the vagina

Labia Majora - Larger, outer lips of the vulva

Labia Minora - Smaller, inner lips of the vulva

Lactobacilli - Bacteria in healthy vaginas of women which prevent vaginitis by inhibiting yeast growth

Laid – Refers to having had sexual intercourse

Lakshmi - Tantric sex term referring to goddess of wealth and prosperity

Lap Dance - Form of adult entertainment where a woman dances provocatively in the "lap" of a customer, often while wearing little or no clothing.

Lascivia - Intense sexual desire

Lascivious - Being motivated by sex

Latent Syphilis - Stage of syphilis where no outward symptoms appear

Latex - Material used to make sex toys, condoms, and fetish items like clothing

Leg Restraint - Bondage item used to restrain the legs

Leg Spreader - Bondage item of a metal bar and leg shackles on each end used to prevent the legs from closing

Lesbian - Female who prefers sexual activity with members of the same sex

Libidinous – Refers to being sexually aroused

Libido - Freudian term used to describe one’s sexual desire or drive

Licentious - Having no sexual restraint or boundaries

Lingam - Ancient Indian term for the penis, which appears in the Kama

Sutra and is often associated with Tantric sex

Lipstick Lesbian – An attractive lesbian who displays traditional female characteristics

Lolita – Refers to an underage girl who has sex with older men

Lothario - Womanizer

Love Doll - Realistic adult toy resembling a man or woman and has anatomically correct parts

Love Wand – Refers to a vibrator

Lube – Stands for lubrication or lubricant

Lubricant - Lotion or jelly designed to decrease friction, which can be used to aid intercourse or masturbation

Lust - Intense feelings of sexual desire for another person


M/s - BDSM abbreviation for master and slave

Machlaenomania - Masochism in women

Macromastic – Refers to large breasts

Macrophallia – Refers to having a large penis

Madam - The proprietress or manager of a house of prostitution

Maha – Refers to the almighty one in Tantric sex

Maiesiophilia – Being sexually aroused by childbirth or pregnant women

Maithuna - Tantric sex term referring to a ritual that results in a sexual union between two people

Mammary Glands - Milk-secreting glands characteristic of mammals, with one found in each human female breast

Mammary Intercourse - Intercourse performed when the penis contacts the breasts

Maniaphilia - Attraction to insane people

Manipura – Refers to the Tantric sex term for the 3rd Chakra

Mantra – Tantric sex term for a repeated verbal chant

Manual Orgasm - Masturbation

Manustupration – Also known as masturbation

Marital Aid – Usually a sex toy, vibrator or dildo; Also known as a marital device

Marital Rape - Forced or unwanted intercourse within marriage

Marital Relations - Sexual intercourse between two people who are married to each other

Masculine - Characteristics and behaviors associated with men

Masochism - Becoming sexually stimulated by pain, discipline or humiliation

Master - The one in control during S&M or B&D role play

Mastigophilia - Paraphilia where one is sexually aroused by punishment

Masturbation – Achieving orgasm by manually manipulating the genitalia

Masturbation Aid - Any object, usually a sex toy, that can be used during masturbation

Masturbation Sleeve - Soft sleeve, usually made of silicone, latex or rubber, into which the penis is inserted during masturbation or sexual play with a partner

Matinee – Refers to an afternoon session of sex

Mazophilia - Paraphilia where one is sexually aroused by women's breasts

Meatus - The opening at the penis tip which allows both semen and urine to pass

Medorthophobia - Fear of an erect penis

Megalophilia - Paraphilia where one is sexually aroused by large objects

Membrum Virile - Latin for the penis

Menacme – The time during woman's life when she menstruates

Menopause – A stage of the human female reproductive cycle when the ovaries stop producing estrogen, causing the reproductive system to gradually shut down

Menophania – The onset of menstruation

Menorrhagia – A heavy or prolonged menstrual flow

Menstruation/Menstrual cycle - The periodic change in a woman's body, controlled by hormones, that occurs every month between puberty and menopause and is related to reproduction

Metophilia - Paraphilia where one is sexually aroused by another person's face

Metrophilia - Paraphilia where one is sexually aroused by poetry

Metrorrhagia - Menstrual spotting during the middle of the menstrual cycle

Metrosexual - An affluent and often handsome heterosexual man whose self value is derived from his lifestyle and appearance

Mentulate – Refers to having a large penis

Micro-Bullet Vibrator - Small egg-shaped vibrator

Midnight Cowboy – Refers to a vibrator or dildo

Miserotia - Aversion to sex

Missionary Position - Traditional sexual practice when the woman lies on her back as the man penetrates her from above

Mistress – A woman who takes control in SM role play

MM – Stands for mutual masturbation

Moisture Barrier – Material, usually latex, used during sexual activity to prevent fluids or blood from passing between partners

Molar Pregnancy – A genetic mismatch that produces an abnormal growth instead of a fetus

Molestation - Unwelcome touching or fondling

Money Shot - When a man ejaculates in a porn film

Monogamous – When one is committed to a single partner

Monorchid - Having one testicle

Mons Pubis - Fleshy area above the top of the vaginal opening

Mons Veneris - Soft mound of flesh just over the vulva in females

Morning After Pill - A hormonal contraceptive taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse to prevent pregnancy

Muladhara – Refers to the Tantric sex term for the 1st Chakra

Muliberty – When a male adopts female characteristics

Multi-Speed Vibrator - Vibrator capable of multi-speed vibrations

Multigravida - A woman who has been pregnant more than once

Multiple Climax - A series of several successive orgasms experienced by many females during a single act of coitus

Mutual Climax - When two or more individuals achieve orgasm simultaneously

Mutual Masturbation – When two or more people stimulate each other's or their own genitals simultaneously

Mysophilia - Paraphilia where one is sexually aroused by dirt or being dirty


Narcissism - Infatuation and obsession with one's self

Narratophilia - Paraphilia when one is sexually aroused by erotic conversations

Nasophilia - Paraphilia characterized by sexual arousal by touching one’s nose

Natural Family Planning - Birth control method where a couple abstains from intercourse during a certain period of a woman's menstrual cycle

Necrophilia – Paraphilia characterized by a sexual attraction to the dead

Neophilia - Paraphilia characterized by sexual arousal by anything new

Net Pornography - Pornography on the Internet

Nipple - Small projection near the center of the mammary gland containing the outlets of the milk ducts

Nirvana - Tantric sex term referring to the ultimate spiritual place

Non-gender Specific - Bisexual

Non-orthogenic Sex – All types of sex performed that does not include procreation

Nubs - Refers to small bumps on a vibrator that provide extra vaginal or clitoral stimulation

Nyctophilia - Paraphilia where one is sexually aroused by darkness or night

Nymphomaniac – Refers to a woman with excessive and an insatiable desire for sex


Obstetrician-Gynecologist - Physician focusing on women's health

Obstetrics - Branch of medicine involving care of women during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and after childbirth

Ocular Herpes - Herpes infection in the eye

Oligomenorrhea- Having infrequent menstrual periods

Oligospermia / Oligozoospermia – Having a sperm count below 20 million, which is low enough to cause fertility problems

Omnisexual – One who is attracted to all sexes

One Night Stand – Refers to a one time sexual encounter

Open Facial Herpes - Presence of herpes simplex infection at the top of the spine

Open Relationship - A relationship where both partners agree to date or have sex with other people

Oral Contraceptive – Refers to a birth control pill

Oral Sex - Stimulating the genitals with the tongue, lips or mouth

Orgasm - Discharge of neuromuscular tension at the peak of sexual arousal, usually accompanied by ejaculation of semen in the male or by vaginal contractions in the female

Orgy – Act of uninhibited group sex

Outercourse - Sexual Activity without inserting the penis in the vagina or anus

Ovarian Reserve - Number and quality of eggs remaining in a woman

Ovaries – Female reproductive glands in the pelvic cavity near the uterus that produce the egg and can be fertilized by male sperm

Over-the-Counter - Medication available without a prescription

Ovulatory Failure - Failure to ovulate

Ovulation Induction - Using medication to artificially release several eggs at once in order to increase the chance of conception

Ovum - Ovary reproductive cell containing a woman's genetic information

OWO – Refers to "Oral Without Condom"


Pansexual – One who is attracted to all genders and all forms of sex

Paraphilia - General term for a sex practice that becomes necessary for sexual arousal but is not approved by social norms

PC Muscles – The two muscles forming the floor of the pelvis

Peach Fuzz - Slang for pubic hair, usually referring to an adolescent male or female

Peak / Peaking – Refers to the moment of climax or orgasm

Pearl Necklace – Refers to ejaculating on a woman's chest

Pearl String - Anal beads

Pearl Vibrator - Vibrator with rotating pearls in the shaft, which offers extra vaginal stimulation

Peep Show - Performance by scantily attired girls or strippers

Peeping Tom – Refers to a male voyeur

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease - Bacterial infection of the female reproductive system like chlamydia and gonorrhea

Pelvis - Lower part of the abdomen between the hipbones

Penetrate / Penetration - To enter a body cavity with an object; Usually refers to sexual intercourse

Penile Detumescence – When an erect penis returns to its non-aroused state

Penile Implant - Device surgically inserted into the penis to provide rigidity for intercourse, which is also used to treat impotence

Penilinctus - Oral sex on the penis

Penis - Male reproductive organ

Penis Promissus – A penis that is not aroused

Penis Pump - Apparatus that stimulates the penis where the penis is inserted then air is removed from the chamber

Penis Ring – Also known as a cock ring

Performance Anxiety - Impotence because of worrying about poor performance

Perineum - Area between the anus and testicles or anus and vagina

Perversion – Often refers to sexual perversion, and also known as a paraphilia

Petting – Foreplay usually involving fondling, kissing and/or manual genital stimulation

Phallation - Sexual intercourse with the penis

Phallus – Refers to the penis

Phentolamine - Drug currently being tested as a treatment for female sexual arousal disorder that increases genital blood flow and promotes muscle relaxation

Pheromones - Chemicals secreted by animals that attract the opposite sex

Philia - Abnormal behavioral tendency

Phone Sex – Mutual masturbation, fondling or talking dirty while on the telephone

Pictophilia – Paraphilia where one dependent upon viewing pornography to become sexually aroused

Ping-Pong - When two partners pass a sexual disease back an forth

Pink Sock – After anal sex when the inside of the colon protrudes outside the anus, resembling a pink sock

Pill, The - Common term for oral hormonal contraception for women

Pimp – One seeking customers for prostitutes who, in turn, pay him a percentage

Pit Job – Sexual act when the armpit is used for intercourse by the penis or tongue

Piquerism - Drawing blood by piercing the skin with a knife or blade

Plastic Lover – Refers to a dildo or vibrator

Plateau - Stage of sexual arousal when one reaches orgasm

Pleasure Nub - Small protrusion at a vibrator base used to stimulate the vagina or clitoris

Pleasure Pearls – Ben-Wa Balls or other adult toys having a string of beads or balls that are inserted into the vagina or anus

Pleasure Stick – Refers to a vibrator or dildo

Pocket Pal - Small vagina-shaped sex toy used in male masturbation

Pocket Rocket - Vibrator primarily used as a clitoral massager

Polyamory - Romantic or sexual relationship involving more than two people

Polyandry – When a woman has more than one husband or lover at the same time

Polygamy – When one is simultaneously married to two or more people

Polygendered – One whose characteristics encompass both genders

Pony Training - BDSM term for training one to be obedient

Porno – Refers to adult films

Pornography - Sexually explicit material designed to arouse sexual desire

Posterior - Buttocks

Postmenopausal – Period after menopause

PPA – Short for Prosthetic Penis Attachment

Pre-Eclampsia – Toxic disease during pregnancy that includes excessive water retention, hypertension, excessive weight gain and possible convulsions

Pre-Ejaculate - Liquid emitted by the penis before ejaculation

Pre-Orgasmic – One who has not yet achieved orgasm during a sexual experience

Prepuce - Foreskin covering the glans penis and usually removed in infancy by circumcision

Pregnant – When an unborn offspring is carried within the body

Premarital Sex - Sexual intercourse between people before they are married

Premature Ejaculation - Ejaculation occurring before or very quickly after intercourse

Premature Ovarian Failure - Menopause before the age of 40

Priapism – An continuous erection caused by dysfunctional blood flow

Prick - One of the oldest and most popular slangs for the male penis

Pro-Choice - Belief that women have the right to choose abortion

Progesterone - Female sex hormone regulating reproductive functions

Prolactin - Hormone stimulating milk production in breast feeding women.

Prophylactic - Rubber sheath contraceptive worn over the penis during copulation to prevent contraction of venereal disease, impregnation or both

Prostate – Gland in the male reproductive system at the base of the urethra that helps produce semen

Prostatitis - Inflammation of the prostate gland causing a dull, persistent pain in the lower back, testes, scrotum and glans of the penis

PSE – Short for Porn Star Experience

Puberty – Age at which the human body begins producing adult levels estrogen and testosterone causing an adolescent to grow adult characteristics like breasts, facial hair and public hair

Pubic Hair – A secondary sex characteristic appearing at puberty in which hair grows in the genital area of women and men

Pubococcygeus Muscle – Muscle that stretches from the pubic bone to the tailbone, which contracts during orgasm and also controls the urine flow; Also known as the Kegel muscle since Dr. Arnold Kegel conceived excerises to restore muscle tone in pelvic floor and help prevent urinary incontinence

PUD - Short for Penis Uncircumcizing Device, which is used to lengthen or create foreskin by stretching the penis skin

Pump – Apparatus used to temporarily increase penis size


Quadoshka - American Indian phrase similar to Tantric sex

Queen – Refers to feminine male homosexual

Queef - Slang describing discharge of air from the vagina, sounding like flatulence

Queer – Refers to homosexuality in the homosexual community

Quickie - Brief and quick sexual encounter


Rabbit Vibrator – Brand name and/or description of clitoral or dual purpose vibrators

Randy – Refers to one who is sexually excited or desiring sex

Rape - Forced sexual intercourse without consent

Rapid Orgasm - When a woman quickly has an orgasm before her partner

Rapist – One committing rape

Rash - General term applied to any skin eruption, usually reddish and temporary

Realistic Dildo - Dildo that looks and feels like a real penis, usually made of latex or silicone and hand-painted to resemble a penis

Realistic Sex Toy - Any sex toy made to resemble a real penis

Realistic Vibrator - Vibrator that looks and feels like a real penis, usually dildos with vibrating eggs or vibration motors implanted in the shaft

Reality Therapy - Form of therapy where the patient is moved away from addictive behavior (often sexual) by focusing on developing satisfying interpersonal relationships

Ream – Continually inserting and withdrawing the tongue to the anus to help a partner achieve orgasm

Rear - Buttocks

Rectovaginal Exam - Physical exam of the reproductive organs and tissues separating the vagina and rectum

Rectum - Area between the anus and the colon that stores feces before being expelled

Red Light District - Area of a city or town where prostitution is available

Refractory Period - Recovery period after orgasm during which an individual cannot achieve another orgasm

Reproductive Cell - A cell (egg in women, sperm in men) that joins with its opposite to make reproduction possible

Reproductive Health - Preventative measures to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases

Reproductive Responsibility - Actions taken to prevent unwanted pregnancy

Reproductive System – Female organs directly involved in producing eggs and conceiving fetuses

Resistant Ovary - Ovary that does not respond to the follicle stimulating hormone

Resolution – Time after orgasm where the body returns its natural state of rest

Retarded Ejaculation - Inhibited male orgasm

Rheomism - Female masturbation practice where water is directed onto the clitoris

Rim / Rimming – Refers to licking the anus with the tongue: Also known as Rim Job

Risqué - Sexually suggestive or indecent

Role Play - Act out a fantasy or desire with a partner

Root - Australian slang for sexual intercourse

Rotating Pearls - Set of plastic beads, or "pearls" encased in jelly or plastic on a vibrator shaft

Rubber – Refers to a condom

Rubber Dildo – Most common dildo made from rubber or latex made to look like a real penis

Rubber Vibrator – Refers to rubber vibrator sleeve that fits over a vibrator to change the feel of the vibrator

RU-486 - Hormone similar to progesterone that induces abortion

Russian – Refers to thrusting the penis between a woman's breasts

Rusty Trombone – Refers to a male receiving oral sex while having his anus stimulated


S&M – Refers to "sadism and masochism"; Describes activities involving inflicting or receiving pain for gratification; Also known as Sadomasochism and Sadism

Sadomasochist - One who practices sadomasochism

Safe Sex – When individual protect themselves against disease by using a condom or avoiding contact with bodily fluids during sex

Safe Word - A specific word spoken, usually during BDSM, which signifies that the current activity must stop

Sahasara - Tantric sex term referring to the 7th Chakra

Salacious - To arouse sexual desire

Scents Erotic – Female scents that have strong erotic effect on some men

Scopophilia - Pleasure derived from looking; Also known as Voyeurism

Samadhi - Tantric sex term referring to deep meditation

Scrotum - Sack of skin and thin muscle surrounding the testicles; Also known as the Scrotal Sack

Séance A Trois - An orgy of three people

Second Base – Refers to foreplay when the breasts or genitals are touched

Secondary Sex Characteristics - All other erogenous zones other than the primary male and female organs

Seduce - Persuade one other than one's own spouse to engage in an act of sex without physically forcing the party to do so

Seducer – The one who induces another person to have sex

Semen - Fluid ejaculated from the penis during orgasm

Semen Analysis - Evaluation of ejaculate for sperm volume, count and motility

Semenuria - Presence of semen in urine

Semination - Intromission of semen in urine

Sensuous - A high degree of susceptibility to all sexual sensations

Sex - Reproductive functions that one is capable of performing at sometime in its life cycle; A term distinguishing between genders

Sex Act - Refers to sexual position or act

Sex Cell - Reproductive cell

Sex Drive - Primary desire to have sex

Sex Lube - Lubricant for sexual activity

Sex Object – One regarded as an object of sexual desire

Sex Organs - Testicles and penis in a man, ovaries, uterus, vagina and vulva in the female

Sex Toy - Device used to increase sexual pleasure and provide added erotic stimulation, such as a vibrator or dildo; Also known as Sex Aid

Sexism - Bias against a certain gender

Sexologist – One who studies sex and the interactions between males and females

Sexology - Study of sex and human sexuality

Sexpert - Sex expert

Sexual – Pertains to sex

Sexual Activity - Activity sexual in nature

Sexual Dysfunction - Physical or mental difficulties with arousal, or lack of desire, fear of intimacy or overactive sexual activity

Sexual Harassment - Unwelcome and unsolicited sexual comments or sexually explicit actions used to intimidate or degrade another

Sexual Intercourse - Act of inserting an object, usually the penis, into the vagina or anus

Sexual Orientation - Identification as defined by a person's sexual relationships or affinity

Sexual Orgasm - Highest point or climax during intercourse

Sexual Promiscuity - Having sex with a number of people without particular choice

Sexual Tension - Tension produced by sexual desire

Sexuality - Refers to the sex of a person

Sexualize - Raise sexual awareness

Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Any disease - such as syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, genital warts or AIDS - which can be passed to another person during sexual activity

Sexy - Possessing sex appeal

Shaft –Part of penis between the scrotum and the head

Shemale - Transsexual who has not undergone gender reassignment surgery

Shocker - Simultaneously inserting two fingers into the vagina and one in the anus

Shrimping - Licking or sucking one’s toes

Significant Other - Romantic partner

Silicone - Material used to make sex toys not effected by oil-based lubricants or high temperatures

Silicone Dildo - Dildo made from silicone that are resistant to most types of lubrication and don't require special cleaning

Silicone Vibrator - Vibrator shell or sleeve made of silicone, which are often waterproof and can be cleaned with any mild soap or sex toy cleaner

Silver Bullet - Vibrator

Simultaneous Climax - Concurrent orgasm experienced by the clitoris and vagina during coitus

Sixty-Nine – Refers to mutual oral sex between two individuals

Sixty-Six - Anal Intercourse

Slave - Submissive person involved in slave/master fantasy

Slave Training - Instruction of a submissive person in a dominant's preference

Sleeve - Thin piece of material, usually Cyberskin, jelly or latex, that slips over a vibrator for more texture and thickness

Slimline Vibrator- Traditional, cylindrical vibrator curved at the tip.

Slut - A woman who has or has had many sexual partners; Prostitue

Smegma - White or yellowish substance, consisting of dead skin cells that collects under the foreskin of the penis

Smooth Dildo - Dildo with a smooth surface, as opposed to a veined dildo

Smut - Lewd language or conversation

Snowball / Snowballing - Transferring semen from one’s mouth to another, usually female to female

Snowblowing - Kissing after one has ejaculated their partner’s mouth, without expelling the semen

Soak - Delay withdrawal of the penis after copulation has resulted in an orgasm

Sodomy - Insertion of the penis into the anus

Soft Swap - Allowing a partner to have sex with someone else in one’s presence

Soft Touch - Soft, skin-like material to make realistic sex toys

Spanish Fly - Crystalline powder made from dried Iberian Peninsula blister beetle, and used as a sexual stimulant

Spanking - Striking or paddling a submissive partner

Speculum - Instrument used to spread open the vagina open to see the cervix

Sperm - Semen

Sperm Agglutination - Sperm clumping caused by antibody reactions or infection

Sperm Antibodies - Antibodies that attack sperm

Sperm Bank - Place where frozen sperm are in liquid nitrogen for later use in artificial insemination

Sperm Count - Number of sperm in ejaculate; Also known as sperm concentration

Sperm Maturation – 90-day process during which sperm grows and gains ability to swim.

Sperm Morphology - Semen analysis factor indicating number or percentage of sperm in a normally formed sample

Sperm Motility - Ability of sperm to swim toward the female egg

Sperm Penetration - Ability of sperm to penetrate the egg

Spermatogenesis - Sperm production in testicles

Spermicide – Chemical agent that kills sperm

Sponge - Absorbent contraceptive device combined with spermicide and inserted into the vagina before sexual intercourse to cover the cervix

Spontaneous Abortion - Pregnancy loss during the first twenty weeks of gestation

Spoon / Spooning – Refers to two people lying parallel on their sides

STD - Abbreviation for Sexually Transmitted Disease

Stag – Refers to a party or any function with other males

Stallion - Male considered a very accomplished lover by many females

Sterility - Irreversible condition preventing conception

Sterilization - Medically or natural methods which renders one incapable of producing children

Stillbirth - Death of a fetus between the twentieth week of gestation

Straight – Refers to a heterosexual

Strap-on / Strap on - Dildo worn around the waist with a strap

Street Walker - Prostitute

Strip Tease - Sensuous dance where performer teasingly removes clothing piece by piece until partially or completely naked

Stud – Male in demand for sexual intercourse and assumed to possess a very large penis; male who has frequent and varied sex partners

Submissive – One dominated in BDSM relationship

Sugar Daddy – Refers to a man who financially supports a younger person in return for sexual favors

Sultry - Hot with passion

Supine Position - Missionary position

Suppository - Soft jelly substance which dissolves when inserted into the vagina prior to coitus and used as a contraception

Swadhistana - Tantric sex term referring to the 2nd Chakra

Swap / Swapping - Trading sexual partners

Swap Spit - French Kiss

Sweet Mama – Refers to very accomplished and attentive female love partner

Sweet Papa – Refers to very accomplished and attentive male love partner

Swing Both Ways – Indicates one who enjoys heterosexual and homosexual sex

Swinger – One who is in a committed relationship but has sex with multiple partners with the partner's knowledge

Switch – Practice of wife swapping; Trading places in a SM role or physical play

Switch Hitter – Refers to a bisexual

Swallow – Refers to the act of swallowing semen after ejaculation

Syphilis - Chronic infectious disease transmitted by direct contact, usually in sexual intercourse, or passed from mother to child in the uterus and characterized by skin eruptions and systemic infections


Taboo - Sexual practice considered contrary to common decency or "off limits" in a particular society

Tachorgasmia - Premature ejaculation

Tachyorthosis - Achieving an erection in a very short time

Taint – Refers to the area between the anus and the scrotum or vagina

Tardagen - Device or substance to decrease the sensitivity of the penis and delay orgasm

Tea Bagging - Placing testicles in the mouth of a partner

Tease - Arouse one sexually without following through

Testicles - Male reproductive glands located below the penis and within the scrotum; Also known as Testes

Testicular Enzyme Defect - Congenital enzyme defect preventing the testes from responding to hormonal stimulation

Testicular Failure, Primary - Congenital, developmental, or genetic error resulting in a testicular malformation that prevents sperm production

Testicular Failure, Secondary - Acquired testicular damage - for example, from drugs, prolonged exposure to toxic substances or varicocoele

Testicular Feminization - Enzymatic defect preventing a male from responding to testosterone

Testicular Function - Ability of the testicles to produce sperm and testosterone

Testicular Stress Pattern - Semen analysis result showing depressed sperm production, poor sperm motility, and poor sperm morphology

Testosterone - Hormone causing the development of the male reproductive system and secondary sex characteristics

TG – Short for transgender

Thai Beads – Also known as anal beads

Theoretical Failure Rate - Measure of a contraceptive method's failure rate when used according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Third Base – Refers to foreplay involving oral sex or penetration with a finger or tongue

Three Way – Sex among three people simultaneously; Also known as a Threesome

Tickler Sleeve - Sleeve inserted over a vibrator used to "tickle" a certain area

Tit Fuck/Tittie Fuck – Thrusting the penis in the cleavage between a woman’s breasts

Tits – Refers to breasts

TOG – Stands for "the other guy"

Torture - Use of pain to enhance sexual pleasure

Toss Salad – Refers to licking one's anus

Traditional Dildo - Semi-realistic, flexible and sometimes double-sided dildo that do not exactly replicate the penis

Traditional Vibrator - Cylindrical vibrator that tapers to a point at the tip; Also known as a slimline vibrator

Train - When a group of people take turns having sex with one person

Training - Discipline used by the dominant to control a submissive's behavior

Transgender - Individuals exhibiting both male and female forms of gender expression

Translucent Vibrator – Plastic or see-through vibrator

Transvestite – One who dresses in the clothes and assumes the gender expression of the opposite sex

Tribbing - Lesbian practice where two women rub their vaginas together during sex

Trick - Sexual performed by a prostitute; Also known as turning a trick

Trimester – Three-month period of a pregnancy, usually expressed as first, second, or third trimester

TV – Short for transvestite


Ultrasound - Radiographic image of the internal organs used to determine the health of a developing fetus

Umbilicus - Navel

Undescended Testicles (Cryptorchidism) - Failure of the testicles to descend from the abdominal cavity into the scrotum by one year of age

Unicornuate Uterus - Abnormality in which the uterus is one-sided and smaller than usual

Uranophobia - Irrational fear of homosexuals and homosexuality

Ureaplasma (Mycoplasma) - Infection causing sperm antibodies and an inflammation of the uterine lining which can interfere with the implantation of an embryo

Urinary Tract - Group of organs including the kidneys, bladder and urethra, responsible for production, storage and secretion of urine

Urologist - Physician specializing in the genitourinary tract

Uterine Anomaly - Birth defect resulting in abnormal uterine shape

Uterine Receptivitiy – When the uterus allows an embryo to implant

Uterine Septum - Congenital uterine abnormality associated with recurrent pregnancy loss

Uteromania - Extremely strong sexual desire in women

Uterus - The womb, located to the rear of the vaginal canal


Vaccinophilia - Paraphilia characterized by sexual gratification from being vaccinated

Vagina - Canal leading from the cervix to the outside of a woman's body

Vaginal Atrophy - Thinning, drying and irritation of the vaginal lining in menopausal women

Vaginal Intercourse - Intercourse where the penis is inserted into the vagina

Vaginal Orgasm - Orgasm achieved by penetration of the vagina, as opposed to stimulation of the clitoris

Vaginitis - Yeast, bacterial vaginosis, or trichomonas infections of the vagina

Vanilla Sex – Refers to traditional sex

Vasectomy - Operation in which the tubes carrying sperm from the testicles to the penis are cut

Veined Dildo - Dildo that has ridges and bumps

Venereal Disease - Any infection that is sexually transmitted, such as chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis; Also known as VD

Venus Vibrator - Hands-free vibrator designed to stimulate the clitoris that rests against the vagina and is fixed in place by leg or waist straps; Also known as a butterfly vibrator

Viagra - Medication designed to improve erectile dysfunction in men by increasing blood flow to the pelvic region

Vibe - Short for vibrator

Vibrating Erection Ring – A jelly or plastic ring, which contains a bullet vibrator that hangs from one end and is used to stimulate the penis and vagina simultaneously during intercourse; Also known as Vibrating Cock Ring

Vibrator- Mechanical device designed to sexually stimulate the vulva, clitoris and vagina

Vibrator Kit - Collection of vibrators, or vibrators combined with other sex toys like dildos, anal plugs, massage oils, etc.

Vibrator Sleeve – A jelly or Cyberskin sleeve that slides over a vibrator to add different textures.

Vicarphilia - Paraphilia characterized by sexual arousal by hearing stories about other people's lives

Vincilagnia – Paraphilia when one is sexually aroused by being tied up

Violet Wand - A BDSM sex toy that creates a shock when touched

Viraginity – Refers to a woman's masculinity

Viral STD - Sexually transmitted disease, such as herpes, HPV, hepatitis B and HIV, that does not respond to antibiotic treatments

Virgin – One who has not had sexual intercourse

Virility - Sexual capacity or desire of a male

Virimimism – Having masculine characteristics

Viripotent – Refers to being sexually mature

Virus - Small living particles that contain DNA or RNA that can infect cells and change how they function

Vissuddi - Tantric sex term referring to the 5th Chakra

Voyeur – One who achieves sexual gratification from watching others undress or perform sexual acts

Vulgar – Obscene

Voluptuous - Appealing strongly to the sexual senses

Vulva - The surface portion of the female genitals including the mons veneris and vaginal opening


Wand Vibrator - Powerful vibrator with a vibrating "tip", long flexible shaft and controls at the base

Waterproof Vibrator – Water-resistant vibrator

Wedlock - To be joined by marriage

Western Grip - Masturbation style where the penis is held with the thumbs facing up - similar to the way a cowboy holds a rope during a rodeo

Wet Dream - Sexually arousing dream resulting in involuntary secretions of orgasmic juices while asleep

Wham-Bam – Quick copulation with little or no foreplay

Whelp – Refers to bearing offspring

Whore – Refers to a prostitute

Wife Swapping - Practice of sharing wives for sexual purposes

Withdrawal - Birth control technique where the penis is removed from the vagina before ejaculation

Wonder Stick – Refers to a vibrator


X Chromosome - Genetic information in a cell that transmits the information necessary to make a female. All eggs contain one X chromosome, and half of all sperm carry an X chromosome

X-dresser – Stands for cross dresser

X-factor - Individual's sex appeal or general attractiveness

X-frame - Bondage frame in the shape of an X in a horizontal position

X-rated - Sexually explicit books, pictures or movies

XXX - Slang for X-rated


YAG – Slang for gay.

Yang - Penis

Y Chromosome - Genetic material that transmits the information necessary to make a male, which can be found in half of a male’s sperm cells.

Yeast Infection – Vaginal fungal infection


Z. Auricularis - Herpes zoster of the ear

Z. Opthalmicus - Herpes affecting the ophthalmic nerve

Zelophile – One sexually excited by their partner's jealousy

Zona Pellucida - Outer protein covering of an egg

Zooerasty - Sexual activity between a person and animal

Zoster - An acute inflammatory disease

Zygote - Fertilized egg that has not yet divided

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