Sexual Positions When Having Sex for the First Time

Woman having intercourse for the first time should consider any of the beginner sexual positions or a sexual position where the female is on top. These sexual positions allow women to control the rate of penetration.

If the thin membrane known as the hymen is still intact, it may be difficult for the penis to enter the vagina. In this case, one recommendation is to slowly enter the vagina with one finger. Otherwise, a water- or silicone-based lubricant (like Astroglide or KY Jelly) or a condom may make penetration easier and less uncomfortable. For the first time, during any sexual position, it’s important to go slow and communicate with your partner about how the experience feels along the way.
Sexual positions for first time intercourse include:

· Woman On Top – This sexual position is also known as the cowgirl, amazon, reverse missionary and female superior. The man lies on his back as the woman straddles him. His body is between her legs as the woman aligns her vagina over his penis for penetration. The woman can either move up and down or rub sideways during this sexual position. Other female superior sexual positions also exist.

· Forward for Pleasure – The man lies on his back and the female straddles his hips with her back to him during this sexual position. She can rock back and forth using his legs for support or he can support her hips with his arms to assist her movement.

· Missionary Position - The woman lies on her back and spreads apart her legs. The man then lowers himself on top of the woman allowing him to thrust freely or make circular movements with his thighs. He can support his weight with his arms during this sexual position, or he can lower himself closer to the woman. He can rest some of his weight on her and use his pubic bone to stimulate the clitoris. The woman can also thrust her middle body towards the man by using the support of her legs or by grasping the man from behind. She can use this sexual position to control some of his thrusting. The missionary position restricts the woman’s pelvic movement, but this sexual position allows for easy entry and deep penetration

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