Sexual Positions and Furniture and Special Apparatuses

There are many furniture pieces and special apparatuses that can aid in the pleasure of any sexual position. The use of these aids increases the range of sexual positions that are possible. Variations of erotic furniture and other apparatuses like fisting slings and trapezes can promote even more exotic sexual positions. Here are a sample of the mamny products available:

· Sex Slings - Usually a suspended, free-swinging chair or bed connected to hanging straps or rope. Sex slings can be used to position a person’s bottom with legs raised and spread to facilitate such sexual position for intercourse, oral sex, anal sex and forms of fisting.

· Angled Foam Wedges – Used for anal sex or any sexual position that requires angle entry.

· Couches and sofas - The most common form of furniture for sexual positions the bed, but couches and sofas are next. Different level couches and sofas can provide unique variations on many sexual positions.

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