Genital sex starts with the missionary position.

Sexual Positions for Beginning and Traditional Couples

Beginning couples, those that are either in a new relationship or are just starting to have sex, may want to experiment with more basic or commonly known sexual positions, like the missionary position. These basic sexual positions help a couple enjoy sex without adding to any anxiety beginning couples may experience. These sexual positions might also be what more traditional or conservative couples are looking for. Remember, the key to successfully engaging in these sexual positions is practice and cooperation.

· Missionary Position - The woman lies on her back and spreads apart her legs. The man then lowers himself on top of the woman allowing him to thrust freely or make circular movements with his thighs. For the missionary positions, he can support his weight with his arms, or he can lower himself closer to the woman. He can rest some of his weight on her and use his pubic bone to stimulate the clitoris. For the woman, the missionary position allows her to thrust her middle body towards the man by using the support of her legs or by grasping the man from behind, which can control some of his thrusting movements. The missionary position restricts the woman’s pelvic movement, but the missionary position allows for easy entry and deep penetration. There are also several other variations of the missionary position that can be explored.

· Rear-Entry – Also, known as the doggy style sexual position. The man penetrates the woman’s vagina from behind while the woman is on both hands and knees (all fours).

There are also several other variations of the rear-entry sexual position that couples may want to explore. Rear-entry sexual positions can also be explored during anal sex.

· 69 – Sometimes known by its French name, soixante-neuf, this sexual position is simply simultaneous oral sex. Both individuals lie down so that each person’s head is next to their partner’s genitalia, thus allowing them to orally stimulate each other’s genitalia. It can be performed either side-by-side, or one partner can lie on top of the other. This sexual position is also known as 'Congress of the Crow' in the Kama Sutra.

· Spooning – Derived from the way the bowls of two spoons can be aligned, spooning allows for a great deal of intimacy. The man lies on his side with his knees bent, while the woman lies on her side with her back pressed against her partner’s front. The woman slightly parts her legs, bends her knees and tils her hips to one side, as the man guides his penis into her vagina from the rear. Since clitoral pressure is not very intense, the man can stimulate his partner’s clitoris by hand while engaging in this sexual position. Penetration is also shallow, so spooning is common for couples interested in low penetration sexual postions and for pregnant woman. Spooning is also an excellent position for large and heavy-set couples.

· Woman On Top – This sexual position is also known as the cowgirl, amazon, reverse missionay and female superior. The man lies on his back as the woman straddles him. His body is between her legs as the woman aligns her vagina over his penis for penetration. This sexual position allows the woman to either move up and down or rub sideways. Other femal superior sexual positions can also be explore.

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