Sexual Positions for Standing

Sexual positions where one or both partners are standing require physical dexterity and strength. These sexual positions can be a fun alternative to getting fit and provide freedom of movement for both partners. Standing sexual positions are good for deep penetration and clitoral stimulation, and for spontaneous sex when there is no place to lie or sit, as well as for rough, animalistic sex. Dawbacks for standing sexual positions include limited intimacy and romance, and difficulty in achieving motion without support.

· Standing Sexual Position – Both partners face each other for this sexual position with their arms wrapped around each other. This sexual position is easiest if both partners are the same height. Otherwise, a stairway can help adjust each partner’s height.

· The Reverse PiggyBack – The man stands for this sexual position, lifts his partner by her buttocks and places her back against the wall. She wraps her legs around his thighs.

· Wheelbarrow also known as Hovering and Hovering of the Floor - The man stands behind his partner and lifts her by the thighs. For this sexual position, she supports herself on her hands as he pulls her vagina onto his penis.

· Stand and Carry - Similar to the Reverse Piggy Back sexual position, the man stands as the woman wraps her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist.

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