Sexual Positions and Pregnancy

For couples trying to get pregnant, the goal should be to bathe the entrance of the cervix with semen. This can be difficult because the cervix is a mound within the vagina.

It’s more likely a woman will conceive if she is on the bottom of a sexual position. So any variation of the missionary sexual position is best. The woman should also elevate her hips to help keep the sperm inside her.

The pregnant woman also has many sexual position options. Most importantly, excessive pressure on the belly should be prevented and penetration restricted. Any female superior sexual position will work for the pregnant woman along with other positions including:

Side-by-side or Spooning - This sexual position is most recommended for the pregnant woman. Both partners lie on their side with the man lying behind her. The can make her vagina easily accessible by tilting her pelvis back and stomach forward.

Missionary with caution – The woman lies on her back. The man lies on top of her and tries to hold most of his weight by positioning his arms on either side of the woman. If the woman spreads open her legs, this is known as the spread-eagle sexual position.

Leapfrog Sexual Position - The woman is on her hands and knees, but lowers her torso and raises her buttocks to the man.

Cowgirl or Woman On Top – This female superior sexual position is also known as the amazon and reverse missionary. The man lies on his back as the woman straddles him. His body is between her legs as the woman aligns her vagina over his penis for penetration. During this sexual position, the woman can either move up and down or rub sideways.

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