Sexual Positions and Anal Sex

Anal sex can be enjoyable for heterosexual and gay couples because of the nerve endings in the anus. It’s a myth that anal sex is just a gay sexual position. In fact, many heterosexual couples enjoy anal sex as an alternative to intercourse. Below couples will find a comprehensive review on preparing for anal sex, anal sex positions, the importance of a condom during anal sex and other tips for anal sex to help them decide whether or not anal sex is for them.

Anal Sex Preparation

Initially, anal sex may cause some pain, but as couples learn to relax and follow proper methods, anal sex becomes quite pleasure. For men, anal sex offers stimulation to the prostate, which provides the rush of pleasure during orgasm.

To prepare for anal sex, couples, especially beginners, should try to relax by discussing what will occur or by performing an erotic massage or even taking a hot bath together. It’s important to begin anal sex slowly and with something smaller than a penis or dildo because the sphincter muscles around the anus are tight.

Couples can begin anal sex with either a partner's finger or a small anal or love plug. One partner lubricates the plug, lubricates their finger, or places a lubricated condom over their finger and makes circular motions around the surface of the anus.

Slowly push the finger or plug slightly inside the anus. Don’t force anything inside and stop immediately if there’s discomfort. Use more lubrication if it’s difficult to enter the anus. Once the anus has been penetrated a number of times, couples can experiment with something larger, but a finger can provide intense anal stimulation.

Partners should decide which type of anal stimulation they prefer during anal sex. A finger, the fullness of a plug, or the feeling of entry and withdrawal can be satisfying forms of anal sex.

Before penetrating, remember to use ample amounts of lubrication on the penis, condom or toy because the rectum doesn’t have flexibility or natural lubricants like the mouth and vagina. The rectum can also be sticky, so if not lubricated it can tear, which could cause lesions. The anus and rectum are narrow, so lubrication allows for smoother penetration during anal sex.

Penetration by the partner's penis or anal toy is suitable for entry and withdrawal. For those wanting more than motion or vibration, a butt plug may be useful because it sits in the anus and is generally not thrusted back and forth.

Anal Sex and the Importance of a Condom

Condoms are essential during anal sex because it is nearly impossible to clean all of the germs and bacteria out of the rectum. Anal sex also facilitates the transmission of STDs better than any other form of sex, and can cause urinary tract infections and other bacterial diseases. For these reasons, it’s important to never use a condom for vaginal sex that was already used during anal sex. If couples don’t want to use condoms, it’s important to thoroughly wash the penis and anal area after anal sex and before vaginal sex. Condoms also offer additional lubrication during anal sex.

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