Tantric Sex

Tantric sex is associated with tantric yoga, also know as tantra or tantrism, and is part of several philosophical traditions rooted in Hindu and Buddhist philosophy. In Hindu yoga, tantra and tantric sex is viewed negatively, but in Buddhism tantra and tantric sex play a central role. In the West, tantra and tantric sex relates to sexual practice on a spiritual level.

A great deal of misunderstanding exists about tantric sex. Many times, tantric sex is confused with Kama Sutra. In fact, tantric sex can involve any sexual position. The essence of tantra and tantric sex is the ability to transform one's sexual energy into spiritual progress.

For couples first learning about tantric sex, any female superior variety sexual position, where the female is on top, in some form of sitting or upright position, is best. Any tantric sex position should sexually arouse the female to optimize her chances of orgasm. During tantric sex, the woman can tighten her anal and vaginal muscles to increase sensation.

For beginner’s, the male’s primary goal of tantric sex is to prevent himself from getting too excited, so he can control his orgasm. The female should have as many orgasms as possible during tantric sex. These orgasms feed life energy into the circuit that is being built by both partners through the use of their minds.

Other tantric sex positions include:

· Rear Entry - This position allows the man to easily control the force and depth of his penetration. For tantric sex, the man should enter and withdraw often but slowly and can masturbate his partner to orgasm when he is ready for his final climax.

· Missionary Position - Tantric sex in this position calls for slow and controlled easy thrusts. The man can pull on his testicles to prevent ejaculation.

· Side by Side - This position allows for shallow penetration and low thrusting. For tantric sex, the penis can rest against the clitoris between insertions to help his partner reach heightened orgasm.

There are two components to tantric sex. First, tantric sex involves sensuous stroking, which helps the man and woman focus on their partner’s body and reactions. The second part of tantric sex involves very slow intercourse, with the penis alternately penetrating and withdrawing from the vagina.

The major benefits of tantric sex include: the ability to delay orgasm indefinitely and make love for as long as both partners desire; unending orgasms for females; sharing the "virtually experience" of their partner's orgasms as their own; a post-orgasm energy boost, rather than the typical energy drain for males; greatly enhanced intimacy; and an ecstatic high from the continued buildup of orgasmic energy and meditation.

Spiritually, tantric sex improves concentration and meditation techniques, eliminates sexual distractions, transcends superficiality, provides greater overall energy, vitality and strength, and requires less sleep.

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