Sexual Positions for Non-penetration or Low Penetration

Heterosexual couples may want to explore non-penetration or low-penetration sexual positions for variety, safe sex, to avoid pregnancy, or to preserve virginity. Gay couples may want explore these sexual positions for safe sex or to add variety to their routines.

Non-penetration sexual positions involve no penetration of the man or woman and can include:

· Coital Alignment Technique - The man lies above the woman as in the missionary sexual position, but instead of penetrating her, he moves upward along her body so the base of his penis provides stimulation to her clitoris as they both thrust. This sexual position has been known to stimulate the woman well enough to help her achieve orgasm.

· Interfemoral Intercourse or Intercrural Intercourse – For this sexual position, the penis between is placed between the legs or thighs and rubbed against the vulva, scrotum or area between the genitals and anus.

· Mammary Intercourse – The man places his penis between the woman’s breasts and thrusts during this sexual position.

· Axillary Intercourse – Also known as bag piping, the man places his penis in his partner’s armpit.

· Mutual Masturbation – This sexual position can serve as either a supplement or replacement to intercourse. It may be intimidating at first, but masturbating in front of a partner is considered highly erotic. It can be accomplished in any sexual position and requires more communication than anything else. Sharing masturbation techniques is considered an intimate act of love.

· The Venus Butterfly – This non-penetration sexual position became legendary with an episode of the 80's TV series "L.A. Law." The woman lies on her back with her knees bent and legs slightly apart. The partner applies a little baby oil to his hands and puts his palms together. The ring fingers are bent down, so they touch the knuckles. All other fingers remain extended. The partner then inserts his extended pinkies into the woman's anus. Next, the he inserts his middle fingers into her vagina and the index fingers go on both sides of the woman's clitoris. Keeping the fingers together, the man opens his palms, extending the thumbs about three inches apart. He rubs their fingers back and forth, making his hands resemble a butterfly flapping its wings.

Low-penetration sex can include any of the female superior sexual positions, or where the woman can tightly close her legs. Low-penetration positions for homosexuals can include adjusting any of the anal sex sexual positions.

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