Sexual Positions for Women on Top

Many couples feel the female superior sexual position, also known as woman on top, is the greatest way to make love. It allows for deep penetration, and gives women more control over movement, speed and depth. For many women, female superior sexual positions provide more clitoral stimulation than other sexual positions. They may also help them reach orgasm during intercourse better than other sexual positions. Female superior sexual positions can also provide less stimulation for the man, thereby helping him last longer.

In addition to the Kama Sutra, Perfumed Garden and Tao sexual positions, other female superior sexual positions include:

· Woman on Top - The man lies on his back while the woman straddles his torso and controls the rhythm and depth of penetration. Women can lay forward, sit straight up, rock or move in a circular motion for this sexual position. A vibrating ring can be placed over the man’s penis to enhance clitoral stimulation.

· Open and Closed - In what is a true reversal of the missionary sexual position, the man lies on his back with his legs spread apart. The woman straddles his torso then lies on top of him as she opens and closes her thighs. Closing her thighs during this sexual position places more pressure on the penis. This intense sensation may make a man orgasm quickly so the woman may want to open her thighs occasionally.

· About Face Sexual Position - The male lies on his back as the female straddles his torso and faces away from him. Putting her hands on his knees gives her leverage to lift off. This sexual position forces the penis into an uncommon angle, which many women find extremely exciting.

· The Ultimate Embrace – Considered the most romantic of sexual positions, the woman sits straight on top of the man. Once his penis is inside her, the man also sits up and embraces the woman.

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