Sexual Positions of the Tao

The Tao is ancient Chinese wisdom that predates the Kama Sutra and the Ananga Ranga. Taoists view sex both as a spiritual exercise and as an art form. They believe Tao sexual positions can promote the flow of sexual health and energy, improve health, harmonize relationships, and increase spiritual realization. Tao sexual positions include:

· Silkworm Spinning a Cocoon - The woman lies on her back and raises and spread her thighs to expose her clitoris. This sexual position involves the woman imagining that her vagina is a flower opening and blossoming into orgasm.

· The Dragon Turns Sexual Position – The woman lies on her back, keeps her legs closed and swings them to one side. The man kneels behind her legs and penetrates. This sexual position allows for maximum penetration and can be especially exciting for men with a small penis. The woman’s legs are tightly together eliminating most clitoral stimulation.

· Butterflies in Flight - Considered the most famous of the Tao, this sexual position closely reflects butterflies in flight. The man lies on top of the woman as they assume the missionary sexual position. Both partners outstretched their arms as the man penetrates resembling the undulations of butterfly wings.

· The Mandarin Duck Tao Sexual Position – This sexual position is inspired by the mating of mandarin ducks and is perfect for seductive lovemaking and during spooning. Both couples spoon, with the man penetrating behind the woman.

· Seagull on the Wing - The woman lies on her back with her feet dangling off the end of the bed for this more adventurous sexual position. The man kneels or stands at the end of the bed. This sexual position offers slightly less clitoral stimulation than most female superior positions, but it allows for manual clitoral stimulation.

· The Goat and the Tree – The man sits on a bed or chair. The woman faces him and sits on his penis. This sexual position is used most during spontaneous sex.

· White Tiger - This sexual position is known to improve sex in any rear entry position. The woman gets on her hands and knees balancing on her elbows. The man enters from behind. He can grip the woman's waist to help thrusting and reach around to stroke her clitoris upward during each thrust.

· Cicada on a Bough – Use a vibrator for this sexual position. The woman lies on her stomach and places a small pillow below her pelvis. The man lies on top placing his legs inside of hers. The man places his arms on either side of his partner and penetrates. A vibrator between the woman's pelvis and pillow can add stimulation for both partners.

· Cat and Mice in a Hole Sexual Position – The man lies on his back, while the woman lies on top of him. She supports herself on her hands and the man caresses her buttocks, breasts and thighs.

Sexual positions of the Tao include very colorful sexual terminology. For example, the penis is called Jade Stem, Coral Stem, Male Stalk, Turtle Head, Red Bird, and Heavenly Dragon Pillar. The vagina is known as Coral Gate, Jade Gate, Cinnabar Gate, Vermilion Gate, Jade Pavilion, Golden Lotus, Open Peony Blossom, and Receptive vase. The clitoris is called Pearl on the Jade Step and the Jewel Terrace. Orgasm is referred to as the Great Typhoon and Bursting of the Clouds, while intercourse is known as The Mists and the Rain, The Clouds and the Rain, and The Delight of the Couch.

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